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Manage Your Account
You may use this page as access to your videoconference  management console.  Come back here each time you need to add or change users in your account.











My Viditel Management Page

NorthWest eSolutions has provided this linking page as a courtesy and convenience
for our clients for creating and managing your Viditel accounts.  If you have any
difficulty using this page please contact us.  You will need the promo code supplied
in your agreement to ensure your plan gets the proper pricing assignment

Click the "Sign up" button to setup your account.  The primary email address and username you build the account with will automatically be set as "Admin" for your account.
Click the "My Viditel" button to manage your account.  You will be able to add users, manage users, and view activity from your "Admin" panel.  If you have any questions please contact us for assistance.

A new browser window will open.  When you have finished using the browser please make sure to close it before opening another browser or exiting this page.  Thank you for your interest in Viditel products and NorthWest eSolutions - your business communications supplier.






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