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Our Demo Server

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AudioConference Solution

 We will host your company meeting on our audio servers.  With easy booking services you can reserve your meeting in advance.  The audio featured on our servers is "real time" no push to talk crystal clear audio.  We also feature the only true multi-person "open" microphone conferencing audio conferencing service with unparalleled low bandwidth consumption.  Our audio streams only consume about 18-20 kbs of bandwidth per seat.  Optionally, NorthWest eSolutions will build a conferencing server for your network. You may have the server installed on just about any Windows OS.  This gives your organization the ability to protect your meeting space and time...making available the conferencing server "when you need it" enabling all of your departments easy un-restricted access for all their audio conferencing needs.  Contact us today for a quotation and a demonstration on this unbelievable business collaboration tool.

The same quality that we offer in our business server line is also available in a home server version. Have you ever wanted to connect your friends and family for a group conversation but conference calling is just too expensive and in many cases not available for conferences for more than three attendees at a time. Well now you can host a conference server on your home computer and connect up to seven family members and friends for full duplex true multi-person audio conferencing. Uncle Tom and five other family members can meet you in your own "open" microphone server for "real time" conversations just like sitting around the kitchen table. Catch up on all the family gossip, share the experiences of your new job, or have your child's grandparents hear their grandchild's voice for the first time. The wonders of internet telephony and NorthWest eSolution's Home server bring families back together. Won't you contact us for a quotation on this affordable server that runs on any Windows operating system and get connected today...all with no long distance fees.





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